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Hi Everyone
Its good to see so many new posts, and varied replies. Its really difficult sometimes, with so many different views, an original post can get side-tracked, or even 'hijacked' off track. Could you please be careful when replying to a post not to go off thread, it can be annoying, and upsetting to the poster.

Also, please be aware of how much self disclosure, and personal information you reveal about yourself, as this can bee seen not only by other members, but also by guests who just want to view to forum posts. It has been suggested that the forum is locked, and only members can post and read post, well, for the moment, the forum is open to all.

One final thought.....if a subject seems too 'close to home', or feel that whats being talked about relates in some way to your own feelings, and experience, rather than get involved, simply do not post. If you do feel the urge, and want to respond, then be careful and think about what you are doing! It is difficult to sometimes put on the brakes, but you have to look after yourself.

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